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January 2011 Update

A couple of things coming up for the new year:

There will be a second and final pressing of the Moss – Never Say Live tape that we will have very soon.  150 more being made and these have a different color scheme.  New press is called the purple edition.

SERMON003 at press right now.  Secrets She Kept – La Fin Absolue du Monde cassette.  I’ve not stopped listening to this since I got it.  Their last album is very good, but pales in comparison to this monster.  For fans of early Behemoth, or even early (good) Sepultura, but it’s very original.  Death influenced US black metal with thrash influence.  These guys are impressive.  From musicianship to writing and their live show, it’s all absolutely ferocious.  Mastered by the legendary James Murphy.  An impressive album start to finish.

First press of moss and the zz tape are both sold out, check out the catalog section for a few new items we are selling our artist copies of.  Should be more in there soon as there are a couple of releases i did the mastering for and will have copies of when they’re released.

New releases on the horizon, all very exciting stuff.  Our first CD release will be a split between Aarni(FIN) and Persistence in Mourning(US).  We will be getting more into the CD and vinyl formats soon, but this one is kind of an experiment in terms of marketing/manufacturing.  We are using a service to press them that always keeps them in production and also have an option of purchasing the album electronically as high quality MP3’s.  So our physical copies of this will be very limited in the beginning and after that will be manufactured by request.  It’s essentially a co-release between witch sermon and the manufacturer.  More on that soon.