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We are proud to recommend rocko.electronics for anyone looking for unique, hand-made noise devices and effects.  I personally use a couple pieces built and designed by rocko. and they’ve fast become cornerstones of my setup not only for recording but for writing as well.  If you are interested in breaking free of the cookie cutter tones that come from using mass produced generic pedals (and from being overcharged for them) gte in touch with these guys.  For a limited time any pieces purchased from them will also get you a free item from witch sermon.  Check it out here:


There are also a few new items in the catalog section from at war with false noise (Haare, Vom and Gruel.  All of them fantastic!) and there will be a new tape out this week.  We have decided to start a mailing list so fi you would like to be kept informed on the label just drop us a line at witch.sermon(at)gmail(dot)com and we will add you to it.