Witch Sermon is also home to The Gorgon Head, a professional recording studio.  All work handled by a certified audio engineer/studio technician with 10 years of professional experience.  Most free-lance work done here is mixing and mastering, but the studio can also be rented out for tracking if needed.  Witch Sermon artists are given a special rate, but we do free lance work for any band or label.

Clients include:



At War With False Noise

Hell’s Headbangers

Lost Breed

Unrest Productions




Hal Hutchinson

Horse Latitudes

Black Horizons


Land of Decay


Satan’s Satyr

Unsound Recordings

Decaying Citadel



Der golem

Andre Foisy

Ash Borer


and more

Boards and Analog Recording/Mixing/Mastering:

Mackie onyx 1220i

Mackie Micro Series 1202

Teac A-1500W Reel to Reel (1968)

Software, Prosessing and Digital Recording/Mixing/Mastering:

Avid Pro tools M-powered

Avid Pro tools LE (with Mbox 2 hardware)

M-Audio Torq LE

Sonar Cakewalk

Mackie Onyx Software and Universal Driver

Korg M1-LE

Lounge Lizard Session


Kork KP3 Editor


Apple MacBook Pro

Korg EA-1 Analog Modeling Synth

Korg Kaoss Pad

Boss DR-3

An Array of Dynamic and Condenser Microphones from Heil, MXL, Sennheiser, Oktava and Audio Technica as well as hand made/custom contact microphones designed and built in The Gorgon Head

M-Audio BX5A Monitors

Large variety of effects including pieces from Electro Harmonix, MXR, Boss, Altar and Ibanez

Handmade electronic instruments/devices and oscillators from repeater electronics, stylophone, Bent-It and GetLoFi

Ludwig Drums, with cymbals from Paiste and Zildjian

Big selection of electric and acoustic guitars and basses and other stringed instruments

Synths/Keyboards and related equipment from Yamaha

Hammond Organ with Leslie Speakers

Wurlitzer Upright Piano

Solid State and tubed amplification from Sunn, Epiphone, Peavey and Behringer